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12th Oct 2009

Following on from our past successes of blogging and videoing from European cultural events we are bringing you more from the European Culture Forum in Brussels, 28th-30 September. LabforCulture teamed up with Culture Action Europe and the resulting commentary is new and interesting from some key people working in culture, across Europe.

Firstly, Odile Quintin, DG Education, Culture and Youth, European Commission who gave the nod to the purpose of the Forum gathering and laid out her thinking on an open approach for future cultural development into 2013. Steve Green, EUNIC, described his role as a rapporteur of the event, EUNIC's global reach, and gave congratulations to the Commission in the engagement of their development, international and external departments at the Forum. Michael Wimmer, EDUCULT, highlighted three positive developments he experienced during the Forum, one being this new openness, and lateral involvement of other sectors and actors by the Commission.

Catherine Fieschi, from Counterpoint, British Council gave a fresh view on the future challenges for institutions working with new cultural actors. "On a good day these actors are coming to us [institutions], on a bad day they are not". Also have a look at this blog posting on a session she took part in.

Pia Areblad, Tillt described their organisation's role in working in business and cultural actors, and the methodology of working with the Commission on cultural policy development. Isabelle Schwarz, European Cultural Foundation discussed the European Agenda for Culture and the "challenges now in translation to deliver results" and highlighted the next landmarks that can impact development.

The three rapporteur reports are available here: Bernard Foccroulle, composer, opera director; Steve Green, EUNIC and Chris Torch, Intercult. Katherine Watson, LabforCulture and Ilona Kish, Culture Action Europe also presented a flash session on "Mobilising and broadening the debate: Civil Society Networks and Online" which was full and some great questions followed, the link will be available soon here. Finally, check out the twitter quotes we posted!

Thanks to all involved for your great comments and time.
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